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Professional Invoices

Revolutionize your invoicing with Jafinte - the leading platform for creating professional. - the leading platform for creating professional, create invoices in just 5 minutes. Say goodbye to long wait times and get paid instantly with Jafinte. Try it now and see the difference!

  • Instant Invoicing:Jafinte revolutionizes invoicing.
  • Professional & Compliant: Create invoices in 5 minutes.
  • No More Delays: Bid farewell to long wait times.
  • Get Paid Instantly: Experience swift transactions.
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  • Manage Business

    Simplify your small business with Jafinte - the accounting system that streamlines your entire operation. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs by democratizing accounting and billing. Experience the ease and convenience of Jafinte.


    Transform your billing with Jafinte, the world's most advanced platform. Effortlessly generate estimates. With Jafinte, you're not just sending estimates via email, you're managing your business more efficiently with a complete solution.

    Multiple Users

    Jafinte provide the best multi-user system to enable the sharing of the system with your employees or accountant easily without sharing a password.


    Jafinte is a fast, efficient, and secure cloud platform that is made with a mission to provide the best billing software.

    Easy Bill Sharing

    Jafinte provide easy bill sharing system with your clients and accountant to make you stress-free.

    Inventory Management

    Jafinte comes with an advanced system that enables the power of inventory management with few clicks and less headache.

    Book Keeping

    Jafinte helps business owner to keep their book easy. Business owners don't need to waste time on calculating profit, loss, per customer, and many more.

    Manage Customers

    Jafinte is a platform to manage your customer and their invoices, payment. It helps you to easily follow up with your customers, send them reminders for payments and get paid on time.

    Invoice Templates

    Jafinte brings invoice templates to the next level. It enables you to create beautiful invoices for your business without knowing any design languages.

    Payment Reminders

    Payment Reminder is the easiest way to manage your payments. No more excuses! It's easier than ever for customers to pay you back - and they'll love you even more for it!

    Cloud Platform

    Jafinte is a secure cloud platform that provides you with the world's best technology and services to manage your finances. It is highly scalable, reliable, and privacy-focused.

    “Amazing tool and help us to keep track of every invoices easily.”


    “I am very happy with the product, it has made my life as a freelance easier and more efficient.”


    Grow your business with best Billing and Accounting Software.

    Jafinte helps small business owners have an excellent, reliable and robust accounting system for a very affordable cost. We make accounting, billing easy and efficient for your business with our smart software.